As a student in year 10, deciding on the subject you’ll study in year 11 and 12 is an exciting time. It’s also quite overwhelming.
There are so many things to consider:

  • What subjects do you enjoy?
  • What subjects are you good at?
  • What are your future career aspirations?

One thing to consider is how your subject choices may affect your ATAR at the end of year 12. That is what this calculator is for.

This alternative ATAR predictor is designed for students to form realistic expectations regarding what their ATAR could be depending on:

a) The subjects they choose
b) The results they expect to receive

Because it is hard to predict a result out of 100 before a student has started a subject, students will find it easier to give a more general “guesstimate” of how they will go in a subject compared to their peers.


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