Maths Videos Australia. Joel Speranza Teaching a Mathematics Lesson.


MathsVideosAustralia was born in April of 2020. It was the two week Easter break & Australia was on lockdown with COVID-19 upon us. Every school was rushing to switch to online learning and I realised I was in a position to help.

My name is Joel Speranza and I have been making maths videos for my own classes for the last 6 years. This meant I had a lot of maths videos. but they were sitting uncategorised, on a difficult to navigate youtube channel.

I spent the entire Easter holidays creating this website, and then mapping my videos to various Australian Senior Maths curriculums.

Schools are now mostly back to normal but I hope these videos can continue to help students, teachers and parents with their learning and teaching.

Any questions? Any requests? Did you see a mistake in a video? You can catch me at the following